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Wow that is so good   I couldn't do that to save my life

Grayson, you're hot. Also I want to send you a couple of my drawings but Idk address . It will be very cool if u would take a pic with them. [ Grayson liked and commented.

13/11 face 01

13/11 face 01


ghost in the machine - Flower Collages by Marcelo Monreal

Mens Hair, Origins, Men

Helene Fischer   ..a gift for a friend

Helene Fischer ..a gift for a friend

08/12 - face 03

08/12 - face 03

Stop Domestic Violence | Buzznet

Stop Domestic Violence

this is when you beat the snot out of the person who hurt you & if you can't your friends do it--then put the scum in jail so he can get a new girlfriend

Audrey Hepburn by Christa

Collage idea: Cut and separate figures.

Adam Hale // 470 - One of those days

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Disney Maleficent sketch Angelina Jolie by Chloe Murphy …

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Week 1 Graphite - Eduardo - John Gordon - 2013 - Charcoal and graphite - I was attracted to the use of white highlights and the shades, created by graphite, made the facial features three dimensional and realistic.

Resultado de imagen para aracelis vargas instagram

40 câu nói ý nghĩa về cuộc sống mà bạn nên đọc một lần trong đời