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If I had one of these, just think how fast I could chop, chop, chop!

This stainless steel finger guard is a must have tool for any kitchen. Protect your fingers while chopping up your favorite vegetables.

The One Trip Grip is a shopping bag holding hook that eliminates multiple trips from the car to the kitchen, up the stairs and more!

One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder

One trip grip grocery bag holder. need one of these One trip grip grocery bag holder. need one of these One trip grip grocery bag holder.

This Bialetti pot has a strainer built into the lid. Just lock the top onto the pot, and you can eas... - Amazon

I'm going to keep this list.I want a LOT of these things!For the girl who can't stay out of the kitchen. 50 useful kitchen gadgets you didn't know existed. There are some seriously cool things on here!

CHEFS Stainless Steel Finger Guard - Had I had this handy kitchen tool on Monday I would not have cut my finger! must find one asap.

CHEFS Stainless Steel Finger Guard: This stainless-steel finger guard, the secret tool of professional chefs, slips onto middle finger, keeping fingers protected, but free to hold food. Easy-to-use cutting guard will not damage knives.


30 Things You Had No Idea You Needed. I can almost guarantee you'll find at least one thing on this list your hard-to-shop for guy will love! I could go for the crushed ice trays

bathtub stones that keep the water warm. Yes please!

Bathroom tub stones that keep the water warm - so smart! I love having long baths but I hate having to refill the tub to stay warm.

Arm's Length Bug Vacuum - OMG I NEED this!

Arm's Length Bug Vacuum- If someone bought this for me i would love them so much.that seems awfully close to me!

Bracelet that conceals your key for when you're walking the dog or out for a run. Genius! Need this for my summer runs!

Here's a smart solution for storing your house key when you're out for a walk or a jog. The gokey is a silicone wrist band that conceals your key safely and comfortably- no tying it to shoestrings .

Antibacterial UV-C Bed Vac. Kills bedbugs and dust mites! Wish I had one of these when I went to Toronto.

Antibacterial UV-C Bed Vac. Kills bedbugs and dust mites. I'm allergic to dust mites.

STOCKING STUFFER! $7.29! this would be perfect to have in your purse, for whenever you can't find an outlet and your phone is about to die, like shopping, etc.  For Christa

This should be in every girls purse. A battery with a USB plug on it that fits in your purse for charging your phone when you aren't around any outlets for a long time (camping/beach/shopping etc)

Colorful clipbands for organizing cable lines or hanging photos and more!

15 Clever Gadgets that you should Buy right Away - Magnetic Clipband So you can easily manage wires and tag your items elegantly

Very cute tea bag holder

How adorably awesome! Weird that they're snails, though! snail-tea-bag-holders-soulfun-design Want!

Wake up pillow - it vibrates when it’s time to wake up! Um, I totally need this..

Wake up pillow - it vibrates when it's time to wake up! Instead of loud alarm clock, only wakes you up.

KeySmart by the Grommet

Product/Industrial Design Inspiration

Compact, durable, and expandable, the KeySmart is a Swiss Army style key holder that eliminates the bulk in your pocket and the sound of noisy keys. The Rugged Key Organizer features a built-in pocket clip and bottle opener.

OXO® Corn Peeler | Sur La Table

OXO Corn Peeler

OXO Corn Peeler: The curved blade makes it easy to cut perfect kernels from the cob.-- cuz he's always wants me to cut the corn off.