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    “I do not know at this stage whether blockchain technology will work at scale,” said Rt Hon Lord Freud. | The Blockchain Revolution

    Execs at Coinbase, Chain and Microsoft, talked up the blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Pokémon at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech conference. | The Blockchain Revolution

    Millions of IoT devices are misconfigured so that they can forward messages -- which, combined with default admin settings, allows them to be used to attack e-commerce and other websites, a new report says

    Banks have not prepared to retain control of customers and merchant payment interfaces in the face of blockchain or distributed ledger, according to managing consultant firm Bain & Company whit… | The Blockchain Revolution

    Blockchain strategist David Siegel gives a step-by-step overview of the attack on The DAO for journalists and media members. | The Blockchain Revolution

    Bitcoin's underlying technology Blockchain is essentially a “ledger” or online database of data blocks containing hundreds of individual transactions. | The Blockchain Revolution

    The difference between an true open decentralized blockchain and '' trusted or Private Blockchains". Which leads to the answer wether Private Blockchains really have anything to offer.

    Blockchain is the financial technology underpinning the bitcoin digital currency. But it also has the potential to change the way companies make and verify transactions.

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    Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas