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Dans la peau de Sheldon Horowitz, Derek B. Miller | Le Bouquinovore

#DerekBMiller Norwegian by Night - He will not admit it to Rhea and Lars - never, of course not - but Sheldon can't help but wonder what it is he's doing here... Eighty-two years old, and recently widowed, Sheldon Horowitz has grudgingly moved to Oslo, with his grand-daughter and her Norwegian husband. An ex-Marine, he talks often to the ghosts of his past - the friends he lost in the Pacific and the son who followed him into the US Army, and to his death in Vietnam.

<DIV><p>A luminous novel, a police thriller, and the funniest book about war crimes and dementia you are likely to read<BR><br> Sheldon Horowitz—widowed, impatient, impertinent—has grudgingly agreed… read more at Kobo.

Norwegian by Night by Derek B. Miller. Sheldon Horowitz, a retired Korean War veteran still haunted by the death of his son, reluctantly moves to Norway to live with his granddaughter's family. Unexpectedly, he finds himself caught in violence, and struggling to protect the little boy next door. An unusual crime thriller, and a luminous first novel. 11-11-13

Sheldon Horowitz, judío neoyorquino de ochenta y dos años, se va a vivir con su nieta y su marido a Oslo después de fallecer su mujer. Obsesionado con la muerte de su hijo en la guerra de Vietnam, su carácter refunfuñón y su negativa a aceptar la debilidad de su memoria se unen a la natural desubicación en la que se encuentra. Una mañana escucha ruidos: una pelea doméstica. Y una mujer y su hijo se refugian en su casa. Un matón intenta tirar la puerta abajo y Sheldon escapa con el niño…

Norwegian by Night, by Derek B. Miller. After witnessing a murder in Olso, elderly former Marine sniper and watch repairman, Sheldon Horowitz, flees to safety with the newly orphaned son of the victim and becomes haunted by memories of his own son who died in Vietnam.

Jan-April 2014 Reader's Choice: After witnessing a murder in Oslo, elderly former Marine sniper and watch repairman Sheldon Horowitz flees to safety with the newly orphaned son of the victim and becomes haunted by memories of his own son who died in Vietnam. Miller's book is a combination thriller and touching story of a man coming into his own again at a late age.

“Sheldon Horowitz, an 80-year-old Korean War veteran, has a touch of dementia and goes to live with his daughter and son-in-law in Norway. One day what sounds like violence breaks out in the upstairs apartment and a young boy's life appears to be at risk. Sheldon becomes the boy's protector/abductor, fleeing in disguise through the countryside. A wild, compelling, politically complex, and sometimes funny tale that is a very rich read.” Richard Howorth, Square Books, Oxford, MS