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The Dogger stroller in action - look at that face, sooooo cute!

Maltese puppy...sooooo sweet.

from Dog Quality


The SUV of dog strollers - the Dogger. #dogstroller #petstroller


Peculiar Pet Strollers : dog stroller

The Dogger is the World's Coolest Dog Stroller #pets

Dog Accessories | The Dogger Stroller - need this!!!!!!!

How many Maltese can a Dogger fit? LOTS! #dogger #maltese #dogstroller

Pepi showing some awesome uses for the Dogger! His mom Serene tells us: "My dog Pepi is only 2 now and he is not old or disabled. I primarily use the Dogger as his "bed" next to our bed, his "baby/high chair" next to our dining table and his "TV chill out" own area next to our sofa if he decides to be bored with the sofa.I love it. Actually he loves it. And when he is busy fighting my household appliances like the vaccuum cleaner, I also put him in the Dogger LOL." #dogger #chihuahua

Oliver in his Dogger stroller - he is requesting we call it Pigger :) #pig #minipig