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Nokia Android Phones – Nokia X, X+, XL

Notion Teaches Your Amazon Echo to Read Your Emails, Reply, and Interact In Real Time

Android/iOS/Echo: Inspired by the way people on Star Trek talk to the ship’s computer, Notion is built to teach your Amazon Echo to read your emails aloud, and give you a completely hands-free, anywhere-in-the-house way to reply, snooze notifications, and check your messages.

Everything You Can Say to Your Amazon Echo

Voice control is one of the core capabilities of the Amazon Echo: the tall, black cylinder comes with a basic remote and some on-board buttons, but speaking commands and questions is the most intuitive way of interacting with it. If you’re wondering just what your Echo can do and which commands it responds to, here’s a comprehensive list.

Type fast / Swype fast. I absolutely love this keyboard on my Android.

There's a truly incredible number of things you can do with Amazon's connected speaker, and ideally a lot of these things will casually become a part of your daily routine over time. Amazon's Alexa service is designed to be something you can rely on for just about every aspect of the connected home, and to get the most out of this experience you want to start by setting it up correctly...

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