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10 Insanely Cool Things We Saw at Maker Faire (Plus 5 Videos)

The brainchild of artist Danny Scheible, Tapigami is an "ever expanding, self generating social sculpture" made from common but carefully crafted masking tape. Displeased with not being allowed to touch things at traditional galleries, he sought to make art that people to participate with. The incredible Tapigami tape city has formed over seven years of construction and events

Putting the final touches on for an exhibit.

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The Vulcan – Check out the video of this beautiful beast – One of the loudest, clearest and lowest hitting BoomCase ever. My camera mic could not pic up how good this case sounds. The owner even requested a shoulder strap on this case. Cant wait to see that picture : )

Tapigami, Masking Tape Art by Danny Scheible