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Hi, my name is Tiger. I'm a tiny neutered male Chihuahua, and I weigh 5.75 pounds. My family couldn't keep me because they felt four dogs were too many, and I was the one that had to be rehomed. I'm a nice boy, cute and cuddley, and I would love...

My guinea pigs are outside but if I had an indoor pet I would not even think of it

"I didn't mean to turn him - didn't know my bite had that affect. But he is my chosen, he's..." Flame couldn't find the word, which was a rare occurrence Gwen wanted desperately to take advantage of. "Liken to you." She quipped helpfully. "Lycan? Hm." Flame bit her lip thoughtfully, "That's... perfect." "What?" "Lycans. That's what they're called."

Meet the precious kitten who looks like she's always smiling

Forever home: Orphaned kitten Rey hasn’t been able to stop smiling since she was adopted from a shelter by her Salt Lake City-based family

"This house is operated for the sole comfort and convenience of the Pug" by Fun Cushions