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Then I realized it was Tuesday morning.

I decided to reward myself with a well-earned glass of wine after a long week. Then realized it was Tuesday morning. Or Wednesday morning.

Ain't it the truth!!

Fun quote - everything I like is either illegal immoral fattening addictive expensive or impossible :)

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Hmmm yes

Hmmm yes

Lol I won't lie, this is occasionally me..however, I have never and will never kick someone's ass. lol. I just can't do it.

Top of the list, bitch. One day I will take care of each one of the three that top that list.


Job & Work quote & saying But the truth prevails. The quote Description But the truth prevails

That's me...

I'm just going to put an "Out of Order" sticker on my forehead and call it a day". funny quotes about living with chronic illness / fibro/ BRAIN FOG / / lupus