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One Piece

Trafalgar D. Water Law and Donquixote Rocinante  (Corazon), (Corasan, Cora-san) One piece

Trafalgar D. Water Law & Donquixote Rocinante - One Piece

One Piece

Zoro is cute as always, Nami is adorable, Sanji is okay, Usopp go away nobody likes you and where's Luffy

One Piece: Sanji Chibi by Kanokawa on deviantART

The fifth member of the Straw Hats from the hit series One Piece: Sanji! I'll be selling chibis as stickers for upcoming conven. One Piece: Sanji Chibi

Tim Burton style

Ciel Phantomhive in Tim Burton style- 2 of my favorite things. It fits so well because Burton's style is like Ciel's personality.

pluto from black butler gif | black butler #kuroshitsuji #Kuroshitsuji Challenge #pluto aww

Pluto, so cute! I wanted this in my Pluto Board, otherwise it would be in my Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Board because Sebastian is there too.

Que seja eterno

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