Lunar Eclipse over Wyoming

Eclipsed Moon Over Wyoming Credit & Copyright: Mack H. Frost - A setting full moon rarely looks like this. Monday morning just before a fully lit Strawberry Moon dropped behind the Absaroka Mountain Range near Cody, Wyoming, USA

Lunar eclipse melting into the ocean by ChicagoPhotoSho

Lunar eclipse melting into the ocean

Lunar Eclipse melting into the Ocean. The Lunar Eclipse is something so people can't see and getting in on photo is great. With the moon so low, it adds to the elements of the photo

Heart Mtn....Cody, Wyoming

Cody, Wyoming, close to our property, can't wait to get there.

Ready to Cross Over: Are you patient in what God is calling you to?

Televangelist Pat Robertson answered a question from a viewer on the 700 Club in a way that made me seriously doubt his faith in a Higher Power.

Wyoming, USA.

Devil's Tower National Monument, Sundance, Wyoming -- Three times visited and is hauntingly spiritual. Spent the of July 2008 while on the return trip of a cross country bike ride.

Buffalo, Wyoming

Big Horn Mountains, Buffalo, WY Can't wait to get back out here!

Granite hot springs in Jackson hole, Wyoming, USA

101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part VI)

Granite Hot Springs in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.granite hot springs in jackson hole wyoming. i never got a chance to go here while I was there, kinda wish i had gone now