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Rachel Freire: "Clothing is our expression of self, our bodies are the one thing we control exclusively. Clothing should amplify a person, not create one. I am bored of androgeny, I think we need the equal and opposite: intensify the masculine and the feminine, all at once. I love the beauty of the past, we all draw on if for our inspiration and should give credit where it's due.. I daydream visions of a future not yet set, and revel in the militaristic classic lines built to last and serve…

He might be crazy but I love his style. He's a Gemini like me so I clearly understand his crazy

Your Love is my Drug - Kesha I don't care what people say The rush is worth the price I pay I get so high when you're with me But crash and crave you when you are away Sad how true this is at times, in refernce to certain peopel

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