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Spring Story - Japan (2003)

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劇場版 SPEC~天~ 警視庁公安部公安第五課 未詳事件特別対策係事件簿  製作年:2012年製作国:日本  ★★★☆☆  「20世紀少年」3部作の堤幸彦監督、戸田恵梨香、加瀬亮主演の人気TVドラマ「SPEC ~警視庁公安部公安第五課 未詳事件特別対策係事件簿」の劇場版。特殊能力(スペック)を持った犯罪者に立ち向かう未詳事件特別対策係(ミショウ)捜査官の活躍を、スケールアップしたストーリー展開で描く。通常の捜査では解決できない特殊な事件を扱う部署“警視庁公安部公安第五課未詳事件特別対策係”、通称ミショウ。ある日、海上に漂うクルーザーから多数のミイラ化死体が発見される。スペックホルダーの関与が疑われる中、瀬文焚流とともに捜査を進める当麻紗綾。そんな彼女の前に、死んだはずのニノマエが姿を現わす。やがて事件は国家規模の様相を呈していくのだが…。

SPEC〜翔〜天〜 + Japan makes some of the best crime drama shows ever. SPEC is one of my favorites +

Don't Forget Me - KMovie starring Jung Woo Sung & Kim Ha Neul | Couch Kimchi Seok-Won (Jung Woo-Sung) lost his memory. Without knowing about his past, he falls in love with a woman named Jin-Young (Kim Ha-Neul). His lost memory from the past 10 years begins to slowly come back.

For about three months in Jung Woo Sung and Kim Ha Neul filmed the melodrama Don’t Forget Me. The movie is a r…

Kurosagi (Japanese Movie, 2008)

Watch Kurosagi (Movie) online English subtitle full episodes for Free.

Download Seducing Mr. Perfect (2006) Torrents

"Seducing Mr Perfect", a movie-length romantic comedy starring Uhm Jung Hwa as Min-Joo and Daniel Henney as her new boss from America, Robin Heiden. Wish there was a sequel!

Kimi Ni Todoke

Last movie I saw. Kimi Ni Todoke / From Me to Directed by: Naoto Kumazawa Cast: Haruma Miura Mikako Tabe

Security Police

Security Police


On October press conference for upcoming drama "PRICELESS ~Aru Wake Needaro, Nnamon!~" which stars SMAP's Kimura Takuya, was held at Tokyo Station Hotel, and cast members (Kimura, K

'My Little Bride' the really good movie !! Let's watch this .. #Koreanmovie

My little Bride- Korean movie.

Buzzer Beat Jdrama [2009] - Cinta Membuatmu Lebih Kuat

Japanese Drama - Buzzer Beat + didn't think I would like this one since it's a sports drama, but it has actually become one of my favorite Japanese dramas (i'm not even a big fan of Yamapi) +

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko - โสดสนิท มันผิดตรงไหน

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko - โสดสนิท มันผิดตรงไหน