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This is how I feel every fucking day of my life. This is the quote that made me fall in love with Calfornication. I struggle with this every waking day. Every waking moment. This is me in a few simple words. I love this so much.

Corinne Madias - Real Estate Agent in Novi, MI

Waiting on an true is this! Sandra @ Claremont Properties, Los Gatos CA

A brilliant case of social media engagement by Ellie Goulding....

25 Moments Everyone Who Was Once A Teen Will Remember

This actually happened once to me in the fifth grade. My teacher didn't know there was a "bad language word" in the book. I froze up when I got to the part and she told me to continue reading, so I said the word and got into trouble. I tried explaining but she wouldn't take the blame, so yeah...

This is me. Sometimes I'll bring up a small fact from a long time ago and they'll say "oh wow! You remembered that?" I've been trying to stop that. lol