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Incredibly touching moment. via Tumblr

Incredibly touching moment. via Tumblr

if you're considering abortion please talk to someone first. you're more than welcome to talk to me. Adoption is an option. <3

Guest Post: He Sits & Knits

Oh so sad :( If we honored each baby aborted since 1973 with a moment of silence we would be silent for over 100 years. This is sad. so very, very sad.

In Defense of the Defenseless

"Abortion is not and should not be an abstract debate.


Life Is Precious, Pro Life, Real Man, Fathers

Pro Life. You have the opportunity to make a choice before conception. If you choose to have sex, we all know the consequences. After conception, love your child and bring it into this world. Adoption should be the only choice for those who don't want to or cannot keep their baby. Abortion kills babies.

Life begins at conception, and God is the only author of life and death.

Jimmy Stewart Reads a Touching Poem About His Dog Beau on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show

Jimmy Stewart’s Poem his dog Beau and Loss (Video) heartwarming.

Chelsi P. Henry: Why I’m a Black Female Republican

Chelsi P. Henry: Why I’m a Black Female Republican

Republican National Committee rising star honoree Chelsi P. (Courtesy Photo/Chelsi P. Henry i add her to the list cause she will be viciously attacked by the likes of the naacp

This Woman's Reaction To Finding Out She'll Be A Grandma Is Hilarious! Just Watch!

Baby K Announcement to GiGi & Grandpa