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what is this, I don't even?

I confuse my computer; my computer confuses me.

I never claimed to be a Steelers fan. So living in Steelers country I don't bring it up much but this is spot on lol

Remember you can catch every Red Sox game on WDEA AM If you're looking for Yankee games, try the History Channel!

69 Funny Epic Texting Fails

Enjoy these 69 funny epic texting fails and don't forget to laugh. Which of these funny epic texting fails is your favorite? Share your favorite funny epic texting fails in the comments section below.

Socially Awkward Merit Badges ..I've earned them all, except the boner one..

Socially Awkward Merit Badges

*blinks* Okay the Crocodile Dilemma makes sense, and the Yes No one... and the Grand motherless Child one... but the others... sheeeessshhh

Funny pictures about Paradoxes that can drive you crazy. Oh, and cool pics about Paradoxes that can drive you crazy. Also, Paradoxes that can drive you crazy.