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glossywhit: fringe 2.02 night of desirable objects Peter: Well, once upon a time, there was a young man… probably around ten or eleven, who got it in his head that he wanted to take his father fishing. So he saved up all his money from his paper route and bought a very special lure. Walter: Oh. Peter: It’s called the Night Of Desirable Objects. Sadly, his father was never really all that available to him, so what started out as a would-be bonding experience - ended up with a young man ...

beyondhope: favourite FRINGE episodes (in no particular order) → 4.02 One Night in October

Lake, Fishing Summer Party Ideas

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glossywhit: fringe 2.06 earthling Broyles: Four years ago, when this case happened, it was at a moment in time that Fringe Division had fallen out of favor. The government was siphoning money away from us for things that had more… public results. But at a certain point, I stopped caring about my profile or promotions. I just wanted to make the world a safer place. Anyway, I became obsessed with this case. And for my wife… it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It ended our ...

daniellerousseaus: FRINGE AU: PACIFIC RIM After star jaeger pilot Olivia Dunham loses her partner to the largest Category III kaiju on record, she’s hard pressed to find a new match. Her search leads her to delinquent Peter Bishop and his eccentric father, Walter. With the aid of PPDC Marshal Philip Broyles and brilliant lab scientist Astrid Farnsworth, Peter and Olivia must face the kaiju threat while facing fears, doubts, and their own feelings.

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Hooked on the outdoors 1- another Original and Exclusive C&C design! Easter, spring, summer Doorhanger for the deer or duck hunter, bass fisherman; fishing, hunting decor - deer, mallard, Buck, doe unfinished wall and door hanger wholesale, unfinished wood letters and cutouts #doorhangers #wholesaledoorhangers #ccspec

beyondhope: favourite FRINGE episodes (in no particular order) → 2.23 Over There (Part 2)