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Carisa Miklusak, CEO of tMedia Strategies, New York, N.Y., talks to an audio-visual technician as she sets up her social media presentation at the 70th annual Cherry Institute at the Yakima Convention Center, Jan. 11. She told growers that social media is an effective, interactive way of messaging and selling produce. Photo by Dan Wheat

tbh im the one who would jump off, aliza would be the one who said I would, and my pure bean M would be freaking out

"Thanks for the adventure - Now go and have a new one! Love, Ellie" Do you need reasons to watch Up this weekend? Visit our blog and find out what you and your kids will learn from this lovely film.

Glory // Bastille.. You make me laugh until I die. Can you think of any better way to choke?


Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces

Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces

Raspberry Pie ... my absolute FAVORITEST pie in the world (I always sprinkle sugar on top of the crust before baking myself) ...

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How to Quote Your Cute Self on Pinterest.

John Muir was a precious soul who loved God and nature. He shows wisdom that we all need to learn from.