Alexis Johnson's Polished California Condo

Balcony Compost Bin Built with 3 wine crates stacked!

DIY Compost Bins To Make For Your Homestead

table on railing


The Sky Deck Table: For Instant Dining On Your Tiny Balcony or Fire Escape! Definitely a DIY try!

How To Place A Fence or Screen For Maximum Privacy

Garden Fence & Screen Privacy Ideas

How to place a fence for maximum privacy. The higher the neighbour’s view, the closer you want the privacy screen to your sitting area. The more you want sound to be blocked, the denser the screen should be.

Potted flowers in neutral outdoor space // patio

The Best Décor Pieces for Compact Outdoor Spaces

Table sncf2b SNCF Palett Table in wood furniture diy  with Table Pallets

Sncf Palett Table

SNCF Pallet Table - Interesting, maybe they still use these or it was completely refinished (metal and all). Because mine are all super aged.

Patio Garden

Setting up a Garden on Your Apartment Balcony. This site - provided by Madison Property Mngmt - is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Roughly 10 Pins having EVERYTHING to do with growing food on our little porch.

small balcony ideas.

Small balcony furniture in garden ideas Small Garden Ideas: Beautiful - Small house balcony ideas

DIY Patio Fold Down Table Project (www.lowes.com)

Provide extra serving space with this outdoor fold-down table. Project from Lowes


Jynne & Louie's Small & Colorful Brooklyn Duplex