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DIY Padsicle Kit - Padsicles provide soothing and cooling relief following a vaginal birth. These pads will be your best friend during recovery, and this kit contains everything you will need to make them at home before baby arrives! Witch Hazel Lavender Essential Oil Aloe Vera Gel 14 Maternity Pads 2 Mesh Underwear

New Mom Survival Stations (Healthy Tipping Point)

Bringing a newborn home is so exciting – and stressful! It really helps to ease the transition if you set up what I call ‘survival stations’ throughout the house (organize your stations before you go

My name's Terressa and this is my teen mom blog. I'm 18 and I have a beautiful daughter named Maya. I made this blog for other teen moms who need advice or help , so if you have any questions feel free to ask away

Say What? The Dos and Don'ts of What to Say in Labor. Hospital nurses at Hurley in Flint, MI could really use this poster

What month will my baby be born? Due date graphic + calculator

Join Motherly to get your personalized, week-by-week guide to getting pregnant. Will your little one be born on the 4th of July—or arrive just in time to be your tiny little Valentine? Here's a simple birthdate calculator to give you an idea of when baby will be born based on the time of conception.

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Multiplicity Spring 2014

"If you’re planning to formula feed your babies, I highly recommend trying out the Formula Pro by Baby Brezza. It’s literally like a Keurig for your baby bottles."~ Talitha. Check the BUZZ on products that our twin mamas LOVE in the 2014 Spring issue of Multiplicity!

The Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

If your breastfed baby won't take a bottle, here is a great post to help. Nine of the best bottles for breastfed babies, recommended by other moms!

Amazon Review: I love this thing! I applied diaper cream the old-fashioned way with my first 2 babies. Then I heard a friend talk about her baby bum brush & decided to give it a try now that I have a 3rd. My life has changed, seriously! It's awesome to no longer smell ointment on my fingers after trying to wash it off. The ointment spreads on thick & smooth with this thing. I'll be giving these as gifts to all the new parents I know from now on!