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DIY Padsicle Kit - Padsicles provide soothing and cooling relief following a vaginal birth. These pads will be your best friend during recovery, and this kit contains everything you will need to make them at home before baby arrives! Witch Hazel Lavender Essential Oil Aloe Vera Gel 14 Maternity Pads  2 Mesh Underwear

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New Mom Survival Stations (Healthy Tipping Point)

Bringing a newborn home is so exciting – and stressful!  It really helps to ease the transition if you set up what I call ‘survival stations’ throughout the house (organize your stations before you go


Best Baby Shower Gift Ever: The Post-Partum Recovery Kit!

The Best Baby Shower Gift Ever! Postpartum recovery kit, give mommy all of the embarrassing things that you need to recover from giving birth

Not going to lie..these sound pretty heavenly for the next time. Homemade Postpartum Relief Pads

Miracle Oil To Prevent Stretch Marks. Easy to make in your own kitchen, and super nourishing for your skin. Three pregnancies and not one stretch mark! I use it daily!

Diary of a Fit Mommy | How to Speed Up Labor: Do Squats During Pregancy! |

Get ready for baby #2 with this checklist of important things to do before baby arrives. The transition from one to two can be a challenging and emotional time. The whole family will do great, especially if you take a bit of time to prepare

What you eat post child birth can effect how well you recovery. To promote optimal recovery you need to ensure you are eating the best nutrients to aid this.


Everything You Need to Know About Baby’s First Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

love this...although Ava has been lifting her head since one month -_-

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Yoga has been shown to provide many benefits to a woman during her pregnancy. One benefit is many yoga poses actually strengthen your body for birth! |