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"We took our very first bike ride all together as a family yesterday! My twin boys are 10 and they have autism, and it's something we've always hoped to do! Done! With more to come! We just needed a couple of special bikes and a lot of perseverance." Facebook name: Diana Pode-DeGroot

"He is not only our hero for serving his country, but for the dedication and support he gives to our family every day. He means the world to us and we love him very much." Facebook name: Carolyn Manning

April is Autism Awareness Month. Read more here about what autism is and how to get involved.

Why Routines are Important for Autistic Children

There's nothing wrong with a little structure and predictability. But for autistic children, routines and schedules are almost necessary to assist with daily life.

Issue 9 - Emotional Journey of Parenting a Special Child

Features: +The Thin-Red Line +Autism & Wandering: 20 Ways To Help Ensure The Safety Of Our Autistic Loved Ones +The Magic Number +3 Ways 3 Says +Autism in the News +A review of the go go blanket +The Parental Hero Journey +Book in the Spotlight: Black and White: A Colorful Look at the Spectrum +Q&A Section +Sensory Corner +Seek-N-Find +Executive Functioning

Autism Live, Thursday January 30th, 2014-On this edition of Autism Live: Shannon Penrod welcomes Dr. Adel Najdowski to shares tips on how parents can prioritize what to work on, when to work on it and where to start when teaching a new skill to an individual with ASD. Dr. Jonathan Tarbox talks about effective ways intervene and make progress on restrictive and repetitive behaviors, especially those that appear to be automatically reinforced. Dr. Tarbox also answers a....