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Culture Disco is a digital discovery engine for meaningful knowledge fuelled by cross-disciplinary curiosity. It contains personal notes, comments and opinions on cultural life, especially for the...

Page Three Hundred is a Turin–based Independent Clothing Label founded in 2014 by Gabriele Marchi and Maria Fernanda Barbero. Three hundred is the natural number following two hundred and ninety–nine and preceding three hundred and one.

Typography Served features top work in categories such as typeface design, lettering, illustrated typography, or any piece with a strong typographic treatment.

Amelia - I had a friend named Amelia from 1993 - I wonder what ever happened to her. It's like she's dead--nowhere to be found online or via old friends. /jade m.

Hype Type Studio commissioned Mark Bloom to collaborate on this project for Mark Tessier (MTLA), a full-service landscape architectural firm.

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