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Gumball and Marshall have always been friends. Sure, they have a back… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Listen To My Undead Heart (Gumlee)

Lee It's a Date! de la historia Gumball's Misfortune por blueberries_95 (Awkward Mermaid) con 3,084 lecturas. gumball...

Gumball's Misfortune - It's a Date!

Read Christmas Miracles from the story Gumball's Misfortune by (Awkward Mermaid) with reads.


This is honestly so hard to read if you know the pronunciation of the greek letters! It's gibberish. oh well I'm a demigod what can I say.

Marshall lee and Prince Gumball really just like the expression in the first pic and this style has gotten so popular

Adventure Of Prince Bubble Gum Marshall Lee.im laughing a lot harder than i should be!