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What Oncers See vs. What my childhood sees. This is FUNNY! Although my Peter Pan was (and is) Jeremy Sumpter.

What Oncers See vs. What my childhood sees. Although my Peter Pan was (and is) Jeremy Sumpter.

Oh hook your so cute!!!

oh Killian I love you, you clever devilishly handsome hook you & we all know how true it is :-D

Never actually thought about this...

Once upon a Time - Snow and Charming, Hook and Emma parallels. Like mother like daughter


Once Upon A Time: Characters from TV Show vs Disney Version 〖 Once Upon a Time Disney Princess Snow White Mary Margaret Blanchard Belle Aurora Mulan Cinderella 〗

Emma and Hook #OnceUponATime

Colin O'Donoghue - Killian Jones - Captain Hook - Emma Swan - Jennifer Morrison - Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time. Love this. Can't wait for it to be back on Sunday!!!!!!!!!

cherish on

it took me forever to try to work out what she said but everyone is literally related in ouat. So funny trying to figure out this complicated family trees in Once Upon a Time!

The Once promotional posters: S1, S2, S3a,  S3b, S4a, S4b, S5a, S5b, S6.  I really love the S6 poster!

I want the "Wicked is coming" poster or the "Long love the queen" poster

lol I don't really fangirl over him but this is funny!

I've never been a Rumple fangirl. I didn't even know there were Rumple fangirls until quite recently.

Awesome Evil Queen Regina  Charming Emma Hook Snow Rumple mug shots

' The Evil Queen & Rumplestiltskin & Prince Charming & Snow White & Emma Swan & Captain Hook - Only The Best Are Troublemakers I feel like Emma & Snow's wrap sheets would be a lot longer. Like a lot.

Don't even correct me! Robin is still a potential stepfather! I reject Kitsis-Horowitz's fiction and substitute my own!!!

Henry's family- The last row of "potential" family members is my favorite <<< for Zalina as the Aunt it says adoptive except it half biological- Cora was her mother