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When you Pack For a Purpose at Siringit in Tanzania you support The Baraa Primary School which is a government primary school in the Moshono area of Arusha, located within walking distance from Onsea House. Together with the iThemba Foundation, Machweo believes in supporting development through education.

When you Pack for a Purpose at The Hide Safari Camp in Zimbabwe you support Chezhou Primary School, which is located on the outskirts of Hwange National Park and serves 305 children ages 4 through 13 years old. The school is trying hard to keep itself afloat but struggling due to the many difficulties they are faced with. We hope to support them through tourism to help alleviate and uplift them from their difficulties and to ensure these children receive a better education.

Kisampa located in Tanzania supports Matipwili Primary School and Matipwili Secondary School which serves 450 students from 6 to 17.

When you Pack for a Purpose on Barbados and stay at Butterfly Beach, you support The Aunty Olga Memorial School Aid Programme, supported by The Variety Club. They provide school uniforms, books, backpacks and school supplies to over 300 children from 200 families across Barbados, giving them an equal opportunity at education.

Luang Say Cruise regularly visits the villages of Ban Baw and Ban Huay Phalam along the Mekong River. We work with these schools to help support the education in their primary schools, which support more than 200 children from the ages of 3 through 12 years old.

World Unite! in Tanzania supports The Dalailul-Khairati Nursery & Primary School which was founded by the community of Muungoni. The school allows children from rural areas the opportunity to receive an education. However, the school is poorly equipped and basic school supplies are missing. The school serves approximately 60 children from the ages of 3 through 12.

Fine Safaris Afrika in Rwanda supports The Ntunga Secondary School which educates over 400 students. If you Pack for a Purpose on your trip you will make a Big Impact.

Hotel Gracanica in Kosovo supports the Ideas Partnership Learning Centre which works to serve Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian learners from ages 3 through adult. Most of the families here earn their living from scavenging from the garbage, and from begging. The project offers kindergarten education, weekend academic support for kids in school, mediation to get kids into school, health support and antenatal care and clothes distribution.

Custom Safaris in Kenya supports Custom Safaris Trust, which was created to develop projects dedicated to improving the lives of the local people through financial support for education, health care, economic empowerment opportunities for women, food and water.

Ngoko Safaris in Zimbabwe supports a community in Intabayengwe village, located 14 km out of Victoria Falls. The communities in this area are dependent on cattle raising and minimal subsistence farming. Children walk a long distance to get to school, with risk of attack by wild animals. Many either do not attend school or drop out.