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This just melts my heart

Dog: Whenever his owner cries, he collects dirty socks and brings them to her. Dirty socks are his favorite things in the world, he thinks things that make him happy will make his owner happy too.

heheh.. get it? Remotely?? Remote?? Ahahah....

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 24 Pics<<< he's not even remotely guilty


funny caption german shepherd she just pretended to throw it why would she do it?

Aww ☔️

I Know he's a Water Dog, but Come on!

He was just tired. I guess I was tired dog. At least it wasn't Fry's dog.

Funny Halloween Dog Images images

Make your dog look like Hermione with this Harry Potter DIY Halloween dog costume idea.

Keep Walking Human, HA Huskies...

Keep Walking Human

Funny pictures about Keep Walking Human. Oh, and cool pics about Keep Walking Human. Also, Keep Walking Human photos.

No alone time

Both my shih tzus do this. I can't lock the door anymore cause if I do I can hear them banging into it from the other side.

ツ < HOW THEY DO THAT FACE?! xP.  But that kitten it SO adorable.

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