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That's how I feel about MY cake!

Yeah I ate strawberry cake like a few days ago and my horoscope said someone will pay you back

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And the only thing better than three motion sick dragon slayers is seven motion sick dragon slayers

Fairy Tail xD haha it makes sense!

just to make y'all aware, an bust measurement is a 34 B in american measurements. which is not that impressive, and obviously Lucy has large breasts. Whoever made this didn't do their research on a large bust size :P

I would love to party with Fairy Tail ;)

Fairy Tail knows how to party hard>>>i would love to be at one of their parties<<<jet and droy seem destroyed! Wakaba is semi-dead, Carla and Wendy are peaceful but then theres Natsu

Greatest thing I've ever seen

Greatest thing I've ever sên. My life fit into 1 picture: Harry Potter and Fairy Tail


My happiest Fairy Tail moment was legit when Gajeel finally got a cat xD I was so excited for him lol

8 Funny Fairy Tail Memes Anime Fans Will Love: "When Somebody Mentions Cake" Fairy Tail Meme

8 Funny Fairy Tail Memes Anime Fans Will Love

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