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A real man never hurts a woman.Be very careful when you make a woman cry.Because God counts her tears.The woman came out of man’s rib.Not from his feet to be walked on.Not from his head to be superior.But from his side to be equal.Under the arm to be protected.And next to the heart to be loved.

from Delano Maloney

Quote: A Real Man Treats His Lady The Same Way He Wants Another Man To Treat His Daughter

Now down to business, this quote is pretty self explanatory, Treat your lady like how you would want your daughter to be treated, so that means, no playing around with other women, or abusing her!

Winning a woman's heart doesn't make someone a man, learning to treasure that heart after it's won is what makes someone a real man.


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It's not a question of whether I can do something- it's a question of whether I should have to.