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Emoticons made a discreet entrance, arriving in print for the first time in this March 1881 issue of Puck magazine. The small item in the middle of this page gives four examples of ‘typographical art’ – joy, melancholy, indifference, and astonishment.

The Thesis of Fred Benenson, Emoji Dick is a crowd sourced and crowd funded translation of Herman Melville's Moby Dick into Japanese emoticons called emoji.

It has the full teen trifecta -- sexting, cyberbullying and strangers -- in one unmoderated public forum that anyone, of any age, can access.


Liza Nelson creates real-life emojis in her EMOJI IRL.LOL series which is really quite genius. Haven't you fantasized abotu what these would look like IRL?

Did people in the create emoticons? Or was it some British poet in Emoticons are much more than silly smileys. Learn all about their history.