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the moment when he realizes the brakes doesnt work.....HAHA EXO CHANYEOL #chanyeol #hisfacescreamshelp #priceless

The moment when he realizes that the brakes don't work. HAHAHA EXO CHANYEOL we all know d.o must have cut the brakes o.

Then all the members were on stage performing the new song Monster and we went back in the dressing room to get ready for the next performance we were going to perform our other song " Tears" and it was called that to show to emotion when you don'...

EXO: Next Door ( EXO X READER) - Chapter 4: First Performance

Chanyeol// chanyeol looks like a freakin anime character!! I swear

Exo - Chanyeol "My newsfeed dead af. There's only pictures of chanyeol and not…

좋아요 20.7천개, 댓글 265개 - Instagram의 박찬열 엑소 (@park.chan.yeol)님: "Deadpool is Chanyeol  #Chanyeol #찬열 #exo #엑소"

좋아요 20.7천개, 댓글 265개 - Instagram의 박찬열 엑소 (@park.chan.yeol)님: "Deadpool is Chanyeol #Chanyeol #찬열 #exo #엑소"


CHANYEOL aka my bias wrecker idek he kinda become my second bias LOL

EXO D.O. and Chanyeol. Chanyeol innocently 'slapped' D.O. :3 Chansoo being silly XD 2/3 #kyungsoo

EXO D. and Chanyeol. Chanyeol innocently 'slapped' D. Chansoo being silly XD