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Miss Universe 2016 - Team America #2 - Venezuela, USA, Ecuador, Dominica...

Miss Universe 2016 - Team America - Venezuela, USA, Ecuador, Dominica.

The project inserted a luminous interactive sound and landscape within the plaza to create a constantly choreographed field in flux. Semi-flexible fiber-optic strands responded to the movement of pedestrians through the field, emitting white light and white noise. Activated by the passersby, the fiber optics transmit light from white LEDs while the speakers below the raised deck emit white noise.

[Image: White Noise/White Light, Athens, by Höweler + Yoon/MY Studio]. I stumbled on an old project from the summer of 2004 today, by Höweler + Yoon/MY Studio, called White Noise/White Light.

Stage lighting

A chart demonstrating the different types of lights I will need to use on the stage. The floodlight may be my answer to creating natural sunlight on the stage.

Glow in the dark balloon arch. Glows under black light!

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Free Video - Miss Universe 2016 Odds Analysis & Picks

Miss Universe 2016 - Team America - Colombia Vs Mexico Vs Peru Vs Canada.

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Falaive was back stage shaking fire was comforting her "you'll do great it's your first consert!!" She said "just think of it like the streets rock out like you always do!" She said falaive was called bye sucurity to be walked to the stage behind the curtains waiting fire watched from behind the curtains

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Love the pixelated look

Love the pixelated look