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Andean Emerald Hummingbird: Andes of Colombia, Ecuador, northern Peru. Image via Bird's Eye View at

Photo: Betty visits Miss Simpkins allotment..X She returned with Sweet Peas and a Cauliflower. michelle holmes

embroidered dandelions, with brown cloth and navy flowers

Alice in wonderland fairy door!!! By Teresa's Fairy doors.

Negative Space Embroidery - stitching techniques for pattern, texture & contrast; sewing idea; textiles design // Bonnie Sennott

from BBC Nature

Why cheese plants are full of holes

Swiss cheese plants' iconic leaves help them to avoid stress, according to a US scientist. Their familiar hole-riddled leaves allow the plants to capture sunlight more regularly, his research suggests. The counterintuitive idea explains how such plants can survive in shady rainforests. Commonly grown as house plants, they are found in the wild from southern Mexico to Colombia.