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Harry Potter Facts J. Rowling has said that she based Gilderoy Lockhart on someone she knew who used to tell giant fibs. She joked that he probably goes around telling people that he wrote the books, and lets her take credit out of kindness.

I don't care what the symbolism was, it hurt.

I cried my eyes out when Hedwig died! I think I preferred the movie version, at least she went out fighting!

OMG NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! I've always wondered about this!!!! Unless it's not true...

hmm, I knew what happened but I didn't know Blaise was supposed to BE Crabbe.thought he was just another kid.


Harry Potter Facts individually decorated boxes were made for Ollivander's Wand Shop.

Awww man! I would have laughed so hard! It would make me happier too with all the deaths that happened... AND THAT IT WAS THE END OF IT ALL!

Harry Potter Facts The Malfoys had many endings filmed for the Deathly Hallows part One that didn't make it involved Lucius Malfoy being trampled by Death Eaters.

#170 coolio!

Harry Potter Facts J.u can also say that Lily, Albus, and James' parents aka Harry and Ginny met in. Kings Cross Station<<for the comment


Harry Potter Fact: George goes on to marry Angelina Johnson. They have two children, Fred and Roxanne


Hpotterfacts Part Two.

Harry Potter Fact I will have to check this out! Two of my favorite things combined!