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RT FortWorthDoula Proud to support families. #gayfortworth #fortworthdoulas #doula #fortworthdoula

How to Become a Doula? - Birth Arts International I am proud to be a trainer for this wonderful organization!

I am so Proud of Christine. She is the first 5 to become ICEA certified as a birth doula.

Proud nursing mama, Amber. Not only does she run her own business but she is also studying to become a Doula & LC! #normalizebreastfeeding

Congratulations to Vivian she is one of the first of five ladies to become a ICEA certified Birth Doula in China! I am so proud of these ladies.

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thanks Ami for featuring me in your article... I did become a mom by choice... read my advice and advice from other "choice moms"

Help Darcel become a Doula! This is really close to my heart. I wish I had had a doula at my side when Keani Kai was born, and I am always in support of people pursuing the job that's meant for them. If you've ever read Darcel's blog at you know she is an inspiration to moms everywhere, working hard to do what she trusts is best for her children. Now she's trying to pay her way to the ICTC Full Circle Doula Training - Can you send her $10? Every cent helps!

The ProDoula 2015 Training & Development Team is proud to honor one doula each year who exemplifies the beauty, strength, determination and commitment of becoming a diamond, with the ProDoula Diamond Award.