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12 Myths Every Photographer Should Know. All good. Especially like the one comparing commercial vs DIY products for on-camera flash AND the one looking at degradation of a JPEG saved multiple times. Come back and read this one again!

from Photoshop Training Channel

Record Every Single Step You Do Using Photoshop's History Log

Turn on Photoshop's History Log to get a text record of every single step you've done in an image. Press Ctrl K (Mac: Command K) to bring up the Preferences panel. In the General tab click on the History Log check box; then click Text File, and choose a location to save the file and give it a name. You can now start working on your image and Photoshop will record every step you take. #Photoshop

from Photoshop Training Channel

Text Size Dialog Box

Instead of clicking-and-dragging with the Type tool to create a text box, you…

from Photoshop Training Channel

Show Transform Controls

When selecting multiple objects with the Move tool, check “Show Transform Controls” in the Options bar to display a bounding box around the selected objects, which will allow you to transform the objects by dragging any of the handles.

from Photoshop Training Channel

Generate Realistic Looking Trees Using Script Pattern Fill

In Photoshop CC, you can generate realistic looking trees by using the Script Pattern Fill found in the Fill window. To generate a tree go to Edit > Fill, under Contents choose pattern, and make sure the 'scripted patterns' check box is checked. Then choose 'Tree' from the Script drop-down menu and press OK. The Tree window will open up, and you can choose different attributes for your tree. After you set your options, press OK and Photoshop will generate a tree that you can use in your…

How to safely pose a newborn Head in hands - newborn composition

Effective Tips on Using the Lightroom Adjustment Brush

Take studio-quality photos of your products....this homemade setup only costs $12 to make!

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