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NewsTaco Podcast Network, Episode 2: Two Laredenses I catch up with my high school friend Billy Nericcio, now a Chicano literary theorist, cultural critic, American Literature scholar, and Professor of English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University. We talked about his book, about growing up on the border with Mexico, Trump, millennials, media y mas. Enjoy!

NewsTaco Podcast, Episode 9: Film Maker Carlos Sandoval, A Class Apart This is about Latino storytelling, civil rights, education, and the U.S. Latino experience. All that in chat with a compelling conversationalist. Listen to it, you'll see what I mean. Enjoy!

NewsTaco Podcast Network, Espisode 5: Super Tuesday III, Rubio, Trump, Hillary after the big vote It's here! Episode 5 of the NewsTaco podcast. We talk once again to Pilar Marrero, Senior writer at LA Opinion, about Super Tuesday (#3?), Rubio's demise, Trumps steam-roller and Hillary's momentum. And a question for you. We should give our podcast a name other than "NewsTaco Podcast." Suggestions? Let us know what you think, what you'd like for us to talk about next time.

NewsTaco Podcast Network, Espisode 4: Eyewitnesses in Chicago We talk to two eye-witness participants in the Friday protests at the Trump rally in Chicago. And Pilar Marrero gives us her take on the election politics of the past few days. It's all in the latest episode of The NewsTaco Podcast Network. Listen, like, share!! Thanks to Jessica Estrella Priegoi for her help in making the podcast happen!

NewsTaco Podcast Network, Episode 6: The Trump crazy train and the Bernie/Hillary drama If the outcome of this election weren't so serious it would be hilarious, and filled with compelling drama. Give a listen to our latest poodcast! Pilar Marrero, of La Opinion, joins us for a quick and insightful conversation where we whittle past the distractions and get to what matters. Listen and share!