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Pure kitsch of the coolest kind. The ubiquitous pink plastic flamingo was created in 1957 by sculptor Don Featherstone. They were all the rage and can still be seen in lawns today. When you wear these little cuties, you'll be the talk of the town. Perfect for the lawn flamingo collector or lover of pink. Kitschy Pink Flamingo Earrings by GingerandWaldo for $10.00 #zibbet #handmade #kitsch #flamingo #earrings

Spicy South West Mix Glass Beaded Loop Earrings

Sneetch, a stuffed monster toy, handmade monster plushie by creaturesnorthwest for $34.00

Exotic Wood Fashion Earrings in Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Mahogany and Maple by RCOriginalsGallery on Etsy, $14.00

Crunchy, tart yet sweet green apples magically (well, almost magically) changed into a lip balm form. Green Apple Lip Balm-Sweetened by GingerandWaldo for $3.00