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All because he wanted to own the Rubber production industry. Any slave caught stealing had their hands cut off. Since they couldn't work anymore, they were left to starve to death. This is history you don't learn in school.

Actually Noah was an albino the off spring of genetically melanated people .This is recorded in the book of Enoch.

Hmmmm.... But they use their internalized racism to say BLM is the same?! Gtfoh!!! BLM is definitely not the same or serving the same purposes as the KKK. They spread hatred, segregation, and destruction of other races and creeds of people. And stop with the white victim excuse about the KKK did more to you all than us sorry ass excuse. So miss every other race besides your own with that bullshit.

Is this racist negro pastor have brainwashed you for too many years.Come out of them whore houses aka churches and learn your real history...teach your children the real truth.Stop leaning upon the Babylonian System aka America.