American Girl® Furniture: Caroline's Bed & Bedding

A butter-yellow, wool-blend bedspread is embroidered with a delicate floral pattern. A tufted mattress and soft pillow rest on ropes instead of springs. If the ropes loosened, Caroline would have pulled them to “sleep tight.

Kailey out like a light...  Bunk Bed for 18 "Dolls

Bunk Bed for 18 "Dolls - American Girl Doll Furniture - Beds for American Girl Dolls

Julie's Bed & Bedding

Moving to a new apartment with her mom and sister means big changes for Julie, including a new room! This set includes A soft orange mattress, an orange pillow with embroidered trim, a reversible quilt (floral on one side, orange on the other).

American Girl Baking Cookbook

We've partnered with Williams-Sonoma to assemble an irresistibly sweet collection of recipes that celebrates the magic of baking and is designed to inspire!