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Image from http://pre08.deviantart.net/0111/th/pre/i/2015/142/c/5/small_swagg__don_by_hashiree-d8ubsov.jpg.

Little Swag Donnie Before he learned how to contain his nerdiness! He likes Splinter's phone so much, he made his own, smaller version! Small Swagg- Don

TMNT: Yellow by MariaDeniseBrebos

Second Drawing of the year! TMNT Donatello & April (or Apritello)! As i said on my journal, Happy New Mutant Year Happy new year to you all!

Family by ~Lornet on deviantART

TMNT Advent Calendar Day Family & Presents Finally I’m done with this one! And, yeah, Splinter looks older here :/ Dunno why that h.

So, looks like Raphael is knitting while standing on a tricycle... And I thought they couldn't get any weirder.

So, looks like Raphael is knitting while standing on a tricycle. This is defiantly the movie for me. Yep, no questions asked.

The Little Prankster by agnes0177.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I'm taking a little break from my TMNT comic, only a little XD Kinda had this idea in my head, I had to draw it XD Tried to draw the Turtle Tots (young . The Little Prankster