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When Knowledge Became Kryptonite: Invasion of the Colonial Snatcherz & the Continued Destruction (and Coverup) of Black Civilization

The Aegean: fall of the Black Civilizations, which included Atlantis.

Even today, a significant number of mainstream Egyptologists, anthropologists, historians and Hollywood moviemakers continue to deny African people’s role in humankind’s first and greatest civilization in ancient Egypt. This whitewashing of history negatively impacts Black people and our image in the world. There remains a vital need to correct the misinformation of our achievements in …

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fyeahblackhistory: Young Bishari’s of North

People of Upper Egypt. These are the faces of people that are remnants of the great civilization of the Pharaohs. Although you almost never see them in the modern Egyptian media, the original people are still there largely un-mixed and with separate culture. They have largely been squeezed out of the popular culture, but they are still proud and surviving.

6 Ancient African Architectural Marvels Built Before Greece or Rome Existed : The recent discovery of an ancient circular monolithic stone structure site in Mpumalanga, South Africa, is thought to be at least 75,000 years old, pre-dating any other structure on earth, according to South African author and politician Michael Tellinger. Tellinger founded the Ubuntu Party in South Africa and is a self-proclaimed authority on ancient civilizations of southern Africa.

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“No civilization would tolerate what America has done”

Institutional racism. Rampant income inequality. A broken justice system. America may never be a great society

Blackdom is the virtually untold story of Black pioneers Frank and Ella Boyer dream to create a “colony” for Black people in the prairie of Southeastern New Mexico. It was a community of 300 people, “The Only Exclusive Negro Settlement in New Mexico” as the official township letterhead stated. Blackdom existed in New Mexico from 1908 to the mid-1920

Only 54 Black Owned Bookstores Remain in America