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In 1976, the Jamaican government declared Queen Nanny a National Heroine, and her likeness is featured on the $500 Jamaican bill.

A rare Henry VIII commemorative medal in silver, sold by Thomson, Roddick & Medcalf in their regular coin & medal auctions for £22,500

Jamaica banknotes - Jamaica paper money catalog and Jamaican currency history

The 2011 UK Mary Rose £2 Silver Coin - As symbols of influence, of military might and political power, British ships have graced Britain’s coins for centuries: the Mary Rose is the latest in that long line, proudly portraying the heavyweight flagship of Henry VIII in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the impressive, but ultimately ill-fated, Mary Rose.

500th Anniversary Trinity House 2014 UK £2 Gold Coin £750.00

The Britannia 2014 Five Ounce Gold Proof Coin £7,500.00

The isle of Euboea was a trading force in Greece. It began minting in the early 6th C. BCE. Their first coins were stamped on one side only with the anvil die as is this cow in high relief on the front of this Stater from Eretria ca. 550-480 BCE. On the reverse is a stylized squid, the square around it is an impression left by a'punch die.' The cow and squid are common emblems from Eretria

The UK’s first ever Ten Pound denomination and the first ever five-ounce gold coin. Maximum Coin Mintage of just 500. Designed by RA President Christopher Le Brun. Struck to Proof standard in .999 fine gold.

The 500th Anniversary of Trinity House 2014 UK £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin - £10.00

Japanese coins. The 1-yen coins at the top are made of aluminum and look and feel like play money, but they are important at the supermarket. The 5-yen coins have a hole in them but no Roman numeral on them. The 10-yen coins resemble British 1-pence coins in color and size.