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Explore Farmers Who S, Aging Farmers and more!

Are you a veteran interested in a career in organic farming? Join us for a BBQ Info Session on July here at Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA!...

'Don't fordet to take one of me Farmer' - Funny Cow getting its nose in the way of the Farmer's Camera

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Top 10 Fun And Simple Upcycled DIY Kids Projects

I know this says for kids but it would be a great way to display at a market and have extra crates of stuff underneath so it doesn't look crowded...

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DNA reveals the origins of modern Europeans

The origins of modern Europeans: DNA reveals Yamnaya people of Russian grasslands 'invaded' central Europe 4,500 years ago | Daily Mail Online

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Eat Locally Grown Food

Find local farms and farmers markets at ~~ Download "Buycott" on your smartphone and it will tell you which products are GMO~~