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The Veterans Organic Farming Program is so great, and part of a larger movement to match up aging farmers (who's kids don't want to farm) with returning veterans who do! Here is a 36-credit, one-year certificate program offered through a partnership between Delaware Valley College and Rodale Institute. The program helps military veterans transition to civilian life by preparing them to enter the rapidly growing field of organic farming:

Disciplinary Chart! Mine would look different but I like this idea! We have a chart right now that I do on poster board and use stickers with happy or sad faces. This would save so much money in the long run and it looks better too!

This is why I need feminism - Another GQ reminder. Why is she naked and the men fully clothed? What purpose does it serve here?

How to spend 3 days in Hong Kong.

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How the 'war on women' is changing -

We do not need this future for our daughters, vote. The dynamic reflects the painstaking efforts among Republicans to avoid the mistakes of 2012. This time around, there aren't any candidates talking about "legitimate rape" or "binders full of women." And the GOP put up strong female candidates in states like Iowa and Michigan, making it harder for Democrats to attack them as opposed to the interests of women.

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Cannes Film Festival Won't Admit Women Wearing Flat Shoes

Are you fucking kidding me? I have a back injury and haven't been able to wear heels for 2 years. So I would be refused entry to a movie theater? This is stupid to the extreme.

Some people--- the ones who no matter what have to label you, call you names, and talk badly about you to others. They must bring you down to feel better about themselves, but it won't work. :)

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18 Things All Bookworms Do

I now have several shelves that are two rows of books deep. Annoying, because I can't see what I've got behind the front row. Another reason for needing to move house!

:::::::::: Vintage Photograph ::::::::: "Don't worry, I'll protect you"


Edison’s Mother

Edison’s Mother ~ whether this is truth or not matters very little. Beware the words you speak to a child for they become their inner voice X My Father taught me that.