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The Beauty Of Nature

Guttation is the exudation of tiny drops of sap that accumulate on the tips or edges of leaves and acts as a release valve for excess water pushed up from the roots. #Plant_Physiology #Guttation

What’s my favorite color? All of ’em (28 photos)

Spiders web- two reasons... First it looks amazing. And second I love the way it is so symmetrical, I think it's really effective.

Snowdonia - North Wales Remembering the freezing day climbing up the hills on my converse! The breathtaking view was totally worth it.

this would be a wonderful walk, and on that windy day when the leaves are swirling down, it would be beautiful…..

Love´s Reflection…

Mother Earth Is A Reflection Of The Infinite Cosmos !… That´s Why She´s Amazingly Beautiful And So Special !… So,Why Don´t We Care For Her,As She Cares For Us ?

A tree on the edge of a beautiful cliff with a rushing waterfall. The sun's rays burst out from behind the scene. The birds are a nice touch too. I love this! Gorgeous #photography

Fancy Stick Crown

Fancy Stick Crown - a craft to go along with the Julia Donaldson book, Stick Man - inspired by nature, created for the imagination | @mamamissblog #juliadonaldson #stickman