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from RedFlag News

Woman Commits "Suicide" Investigating Clinton's Haitian Human Trafficking

from HUMAN

United States of Anxiety | Tee

There's nothing like watching the decline of America through politics. Prepare your nerves for the aftermath in style and humor with this funny political commentary.

Bismark didn't want the pipeline in their backyard ... so they are sending their cops as mercenaries to the oil company to force the pipeline into the Sioux's backyard. Disgusting.

Sharia Law in America- Muslims assault Americans in America this pin has been censored! Are you really suprised?

Trump. He took 20 years of deductions for losing other people's money! This makes him a taker, not smart! You could be next! Do not vote for him!

It drives me insane when trump denies saying things that he is on record (film, print, twitter, etc) of saying, he does this all the time! Like people aren't just going to look it up & see that he's blatantly lying.