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Canaan Smith's Bus Caught On Fire, Then He Posted A Picture Shirtless

Hang these posters elsewhere in your community. (Bus stops, community centers, schools, etc.) If they are up in a library odds are those who read these already read books! Promote elsewhere.

Joan Collins, 1956: Whilst on location in Mexico filming John Steinbeck's 'The Wayward Bus' - in which Joan Collins portrays the character 'Alice Chicoy' - she read Steinbeck's 'East of Eden'

In 2010, Willie Nelson was caught on his Texas tour bus with six ounces of marijuana - he pleaded guilty to the offence.

Penn and Teller. Yes, we were exposed to them at a young and impressionable age. Scared the shit out of me often but god they were awesome.

Sandra Bullock - I've been a fan of hers since she took over and drove the bus in the movie "Speed" almost two decades ago. And she doesn't get caught up in her own celebrity. Very classy lady.