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VIDEO: Munsee Language Google+ Hangout. Announcement of acceptance into the Breath of Life Archival Institute of Indigenous Languages in Washington DC

Leni Lenape Wedding Coat 19th C:

Map of New Jersey tribes in the past. Unami - Lenape. Minisink - Munsee. Unalachtigo tribe.

nanticoke lenni lenape of new jersey | Lenni-Lenape Territory

american indian ribbon work - Google Search

"The peace-loving Lenni-Lenape are considered the most ancient nation of the Algonquian language family. The Lenape are still called the “grandfathers” or “ancient ones” by many tribes and are considered to be among the most ancient of the Northeastern Nations, spawning many of the tribes along the northeastern seaboard. The Lenape were often called to settle disputes among neighboring tribal groups and were admired by European colonist for their hospitality and diplomatic skill."

Map of Pennsylvania tribes in the past - the Lenape were part of the Friend family history - then on into western PA

Lenape (aka Delaware, Oklahoma), Bandolier Bag, beads/silk/wool, c. 1870.

"Ten-year-old Walking Turtle is of the Lenni-Lenape tribe. He lives with his family in a small village alongside the Passaic River in what will become northeastern New Jersey. They have a relatively peaceful life, with nature offering up a bounty of resources for food and shelter, amply meeting their needs..."