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Old Finnish coffee add from Paulig. My Grandmother used to have a coffee grinder like the one pictured.  My moms side of the family are from Finland.  I have been drinking coffee since I was 4 or 5... very traditional.  Coffee is in my blood..almost literally

Old Finnish coffee ad from Paulig. For basic, regular coffee, this is the best in the world. Maybe that's why the Finnish drink more coffee than anyone else.

Old frame project ideas

Combine with clock at time of birth or birth info on other pane. DIY using old windows and adding a picture of your child with their name and what that name means. Wow such a wonderful idea in order to showcase the reason you named your child that.

Van gogh

A Starry Night Over the Rhone/ van gogh

Acrylic, Painting "High Cotton" - i like the colour contrast in this painting and how the cotton looks fluid, like its being held carefully by the branches

Oh my. by kerry

1956 Pink Leica Double Stroke Camera, picture courtesy of Paul Cuthbert by way of Miss Moss

Arte urbana

Creating art from all around is a way of turning life into interesting thought provoking ideas. Great "street" art pieces and were wondering how the artist did them, here you go :)

Arc of the World

"Storm Cloud" by Geoffrey Johnson. imagine this on the backdrop of people moving but in different colours?