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Google Experience on Galaxy S4 Pure Android - http://androidizen.com/google-experience-on-galaxy-s4-pure-android/

Did you know about this hidden menu on Samsung Galaxy smartphones? You can use it to test different aspects of your phone like if you think your LCD/touchscreen is not working properly, LED indicator, vibration, cameras, etc.

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We ve been coming across a few reports that claim to know more about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. According to a new report, the Korean tech giant s next flagship is coming in two screen sizes, and that they two will be available this year. Two screen sizes Korean-speaking AsiaToday is the site behind this new rumour. According to its source, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be available in a 5.2-inch version and a 5.8-inch screen version. Althou

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NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 (Comes With 32GB Of Memory! & If That's Not Enough - PLUS Expandable Memory, Where You Can Put A 200GB SD Memory Card!) I Simply MUST Get This Phone ASAP!

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