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Thor - Marvel - Ghostbusters - This is perfection !!!

Ghostbusters Inspired Mobile by PixelateGifts on Etsy

One of my first trips to the cinema, always loved this film :)

Awesome stuff about the Ghostbusters movie

It also passed the Pantomime test, which means that the female character can be switched with a man with little to no edits, and the Phyrne Fisher test which means that the female character has a traditionally masculine job and is not sexualized in the narrative!

Ghostbusters (80's Movies) | By: Wayne via: I should really get out more (#ghostbusters #80smovies)

I was going to pin this to my feminist board but I feel like it's about the courage and kindness of humanity more xx

I haven't seen it yet, of course, but I love these 4 women, so I am betting I will love this movie!

Ghostbusters and representation